Custom Rebuilds & Repair

Heavy Duty Custom Rebuilds, Repair, and Supply of Starters, Alternators, DC Motors

PCI Rebuilders specializes in custom rebuilding and the modernizing of starters, alternators, and dc motors, including heavy duty jobs.

We will custom rebuild any starter, alternator, or dc motor.

Custom Rebuilds  and repair for alternators, starters, and dc motors

Custom Rebuilds for Heavy duty and basic units include completely disassembly and cleaning. We fully test all jobs before returning.

We specialize in the restoration and custom rebuilding of rare, sought-after and antique starters, alternators, and motors built throughout the 1900s all the way to the present day and state-of-the-art.

All units are completely disassembled and cleaned. The inner components including rotors, armatures, fields, and starters are checked, cleaned and tested before and after servicing. Any faulty components are replaced or rebuilt on site at our state-of-the-art facilities.

PCI Rebuilders inspects and see that our starters get new items of wear including brushes and bushings. New drives and solenoids are also installed. All alternators receive new bearing brushes and springs. New regulators in most cases are replaced. Units are painted onsite in special paint booths.

We fully test all of our alternators (including Heavy Duty units) for proper amperage and voltage control. Starters are tested and loaded for proper amp draw and checked for proper voltage drop under load.

Hi-amp custom upgrades are a staple of PCI Rebuilders.

PCI Rebuilders are also experienced restoration rebuilders and have the skill sets and knowledge of best practices to make your unit as good if not better than the original manufacturer issued piece.