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Carburetor Service

PCI Rebuilders a.k.a. Philadelphia Carburetor & Ignition has been servicing carburetors since 1963 at our family-owned and operated headquarters at 1329 Reed St. in South Philadelphia.

We perform a wide range of carburetor troubleshooting, repairs, modifications, and replacements for individual customers and large fleets.

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Carburetor Repair Services

We service carburetors for trucks, passenger vehicles, marine applications, tractors, and multi-carburetor set-ups.

Common areas of carburetor troubleshooting relate to accelerator pumps, carburetor bog, malfunctioning brass floats, automatic chokes, faulty cork floats, fuel-cracked carburetor housings, and much more.

Carburetor Function

Modern carburetors perform several functions:

A. Carburetors combine air and gasoline (before air molecules chemically become part of the gasoline molecules during the oxidation process and subsequent explosion in a closed engine cylinder)
B. Carburetors regulate the amount of air-to-fuel ratio for the specific needs of many different types of vehicles.
C. A carburetor controls an engine’s speed.

carburator - marine application

Carburetors transform fuel into power in many modern vehicles. This is accomplished as the carburetor allows fuel to mix with air thus burning the mixture inside the vehicle’s closed engine tubes. Electronic systems (aka fuel injection) regulate this fuel and air mixture.

The carburetor was first invented by an engineer from Milan named Luigi De Cristoforis in 1876 and soon thereafter became one of the first patents by Karl Benz (inventor of the first practical motorcar).

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